How you can do something for flossk ?

Here is a short list of things you can do to help flossk:

  • Join the website and blog about flossk topics
  • Help translate to Albanian
  • Promote flossk events and projects on social media, create videos and social buzz about flossk topics
  • Find sponsors for flossk, in terms of hardware, money, food and water
  • Help organize flossk events in your town, you can invite the flossk team to come to your town
  • Join flossk related projects for example wikipedia, mozilla, openstreetmap, fedora,, many other free/libre open source software projects etc. You can help take pictures of kosovo
  • Talk to educators, businessmen, politicians, computer people and your friends about flossk and flossk projects
  • Buy flossk t-shirts and stickers to support flossk
  • Join our mailing lists, follow us on join our groups on facebook, follow us on twitter, join our group on linked in

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