Workshop-Introduction in Drupal @InnovationsLab (Janez Urevc)

Janez is a Drupal developer from Slovenia, EU. He really loves things he does, which means every day is the best day of his life (almost:)). He’s been dedicated to open source since high school. He has graduated in software development on Faculty of computer and information sciences at University of Ljubljana (June 2012). The topic of his bachelor thesis was implementation of Scrum methodology in a web development department of a bigger media company.

Besides Drupal he’s also passionate about almost everything connected to web, open source, Linux and SW development. He was participating Google Summer of code 2011. He’s currently working for Delo, Slovenia’s biggest daily newspaper, where he develops sites based on Drupal.

The workshop will be on the 7th of September at 17:30 (@Innovations Lab Kosovo)

Web page:

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