SFK12 - Software Freedom Kosova 2012

Software Freedom Kosova 2012 Conference is the fourth annual conference on free and open source software and related developments in knowledge, culture and mapping held in Pristina, Kosovo. It is the largest conference of its kind in the region. The conference is being organised by Free/Libre Open Source Software Kosova (FLOSSK), Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology, Ipko Foundation and Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Prishtina. SFK12 will focus on open web technologies that are standards-based and vendor agnostic such as HTML5, JavaScript and the like. This is especially important considering the recent developments in the global scene are related to touch-optimised applications, mobile web, and the fact that software development in Kosovo centres on web technologies.


The workshops will be at the Innovations Lab Kosovo http://kosovoinnovations.org, on Sept 7th and 10th from 10:00. The Conference will be at the Technical Faculty of the University of Prishtina on Sept 8th and 9th from 09:00  (http://fiek.uni-pr.edu)

Universiteti i Prishtinës Fakulteti i Inxhinierisë Elektrike dhe Kompjuterike  Bregu i Diellit, p.n.10000 Prishtinë Republika e Kosovës Tel.: +381(0)38 554 896 ext.102


The current list of confirmed speakers can be viewed here.


  • Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • STIKK-KS http://www.stikk-ks.org
  • The IPKO Foundation http://www.ipkofoundation.org
  • UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo http://kosovoinnovations.org
  • Innovation Centre Kosovo  http://www.ickosovo.com/
  • Crimson Capital   http://www.crimsoncapital.org/home.asp
  • Rrota  http://rrota.com/
  • Furra Lumi https://www.facebook.com/pages/Furra-Lumi/192245994141474

Media Sponsors

  • Telegrafi.com http://telegrafi.com
  • Klan Kosova http://klankosova.tv
  • Digjitale http://digjitale.com/
  • Krokodili http://www.krokodili.com

Speakers will be staying at the Professors House

External Links

The Google Plus Event : https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cc31ebld62fjphidhtf537k9qu8/106785192512941136314

Facebook Event http://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Michael-DuPont/240994292688576?ref=hl

Lanyrd.com Event http://lanyrd.com/2012/sfk12

sfk12 tagged presentations at Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/tag/sfk12

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