Public Lecture with Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi

alt Innovation Centre Kosovo and FLOSSK invite you to a public lecture to be held on Thurdsay, May 24th 2012 from 6pm, with Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, the co-founder of the controversial “The Pirate Bay”, the largest file sharing system in the world.

The Berlin/Malmö-based Scandinavian hacker/entrepreneur, is working with projects that have the potential to change society and often deals with questions of intellectual property rights. He is coming to Kosovo, for the second time and for the second Startup Weekend to share his experience with the participants and offer them advices that could potentially change their scale and impact. Peter is also the Founder of Flattr, the first real social micropayment/money sharing service.

The Public lecture with Peter Sunde is going to focus on the importance of sharing in modern society, of cancelling the middleman between the producer and the user, as well as of the huge amount of unnecessary content that makes it hard for users to get what they search for.

Information on Startup Weekend

During the public lecture participants will get the chance to also hear more in regards to Startup Weekend, with a presentation from Nick Stevens on general information behind Startup Weekend, and what awaits you during the 54 hours.

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