Tech Talk with Mr.Terry Dwyer

alt First Tech Talk will be held on Thursday, March 29 2012 at 6pm in the Innovations Lab space.

Our first guest speaker is Mr.Terry Dwyer from US, who is going to talk about 3-Tier Applications development (UI, AL and DB).

Mr. Dwyer had worked for 25 years with Bell Laboratories (1970-1995) as software developer and team leader for a number of great projects such as TUXEDO System.

He is also co-founder of Lakeshore Partners, a small start up giving a technical advice to Venture Capitalists on software investments. Mr.Dwyer has number of publication on software engineering.   What is a Tech Talk?

Tech Talk’s are series of evening seminars about technologies, software, social media, and open-source/content applications. The objective is to facilitate the interaction of interested youth with with tech experts in order to share their knowledge, achievements and user experience. “Tech Talk”s will be held once a month in the Innovations Lab space. These talks are brought to you from Innovations Lab Kosovo and FLOSSK.

Here is also an article from New York Times about Bell Laboratories

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