Mapping Public Facilities of Kosovo

alt Another project we have been working on is Mapping Public Kosovo Facilities, which has been supported by Unicef Innovations Lab. The main goal of this project was mapping all existing public facilities in Kosovo.While we went a long way towards achieving our goal, the lack of information was a hindrance. 

We would like to thank another free software project – – which provided us with information on all the institutions, in contrast with the ministry which did not. We mapped all the seven major cities of Kosovo; all the data that we gathered are freely accessible on OpenStreetMap

How we did it? We put together eight teams with young people to work on data gathering and map editing. Each team had two members. They had a training day on the process and what was expected of them.

Key people in the project were Lulzim Gashi as project manager, Valon Brestovci, Besfort Guri and Gent Thaçi.

The gathered data will soon also be published as a CSV file or something similar!

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