FLOSSTalk : Call for speaker on OpenStack

alt FLOSSK is looking for speakers to present in person or remotely on the topic of openstack.

FLOSSTalks are regular talks related to Free and Open Source topics being held in Prishtina, Kosovo organized by FLOSSK.

We are looking for experts from around the world to take part in our continuing educational program.

Speakers are invited to come to prishtina or submit a video and slides and be available for online questions via the internet. Talks should be 45 minutes.

We are currently looking for someone to talk about openstack and open source cloud computing.

The audience are educated and have linux experience but not with open stack.

We would like an introductory talk that presents the topic and motivates people to get involved with the project and learn more about it.

Flossk also organizes a yearly conference “Software Freedom Kosova”, the last being SFK’11 http://www.flossk.org/en/conference/sfk11.

We are also looking for speakers on the topic of openstack for the future SFK conferences, there we normally find sponsors for the travel expenses.

But you are invited in general to come and visit prishtina and speak whenever you have time.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.

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