FLOSSTALK from Betim Deva: Adaption of the Android Operating System

alt FLOSSTalk to henceforth be expected usual event organized from FLOSSK, on Thursday 29.12.2011 brought in Prishtina a lecture from Betim Deva with the topic, “Adaption of the Android Operating System.”

Betim Deva, who by profession is an experienced programmer from Prishtina with Masters in Computer Science from Arizona State University, shared his experience with the present audience of about 30 participants, as title of the lecture, he spoke about the Android platform and its possibilities that can be adapted to the needs of the clients.

With his experience as a developer of applications based on Android and the adopted for the Nook system, electronic reader of Barnes & Noble, Betim revealed some interesting details on the functioning of the platform, different API’s found in use, programming applications using them, etc..

The meeting went very well, just as it was expected, after the lecture the participants had the opportunity to be open to make questions and discuss more about the topic.

We also cared about those who couldn’t make it to this speech, during the whole time the lecture was also being broadcasted live on ustream.tv where besides this you can also see the recording here:Note: The speech is only in albanian.

Other Recordings: [2] - [3]

The next FLOSSTalk will be bringing another professional name, although details are not yet known.

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Below you can download Betim Deva’s presentation as a PDF file.

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