Software Freedom Kosova 2011

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On November 12th for the third time, the traditional, one of the largest conferences in the region “Software Freedom Kosova 2011” successfuly ended.

As each time with a big number of participants with over 300 people, this conference was one of the most successful held till now, a full intensive day full with topics that touched the world of Free Software from local and regional speakers with experience in this area.

This time the conference was held only for a day and its theme was “Doing Business with Open Source”, where the introductory remarks were made by: Myzafere Limani (FIEK dean), Lule Ahmedi (professor at FIEK and Conference Co-leader), Vjollca Çavolli (STIKK Director) and Arianit Dobroshi (President of FLOSSK’s board), who spoke on the importance of holding this conference and the weight of this event for the development of free software community and the development of IT industry in Kosovo.

There was no lack of the interest from the public in topics that were presented in the first half of the day:

  • Gëzim Pula, CEO of 3CIS, which was introductory speech and presented the achievements of the company that he leads, which has an excellent result in the scope of outsourcing, then:
  • Amir Neziri that had the next regular speech talking about the security of web servers and web applications,
  • James Michael DuPont on the importance of quick response to customers requests,
  • Ervis Tusha on security testing web applications,
  • Marian Marionv on how Open Source helps and enriches his company.

In the second part of the day, there were presentations by:

  • Arian Xheaziri for Chyrp CMS,
  • P. Chriesteas for OpenERP,
  • Jonian Dervishi who spoke for - an engine for blogging,
  • Edlira Kalemi on LAMP vs. closed code,
  • Damjan Georgievski on CouchDB and access to applications based on it,
  • Flakerim Ismani for Ruby on Rails,

Erdet Nasufi the elevator management system with (Arduino) remotely.

And finally the long awaited final presentation held by Omer Keser, Google executive, who spoke on the Google mobile applications detailing the number of users of mobile devices, their numbers in the territories of the world, the development of mobile phone use across different states, etc..

Special thanks goes to sponsors of this conference: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, SPARK, IPKO Foundation, Crimson Capital, Rrota, AVC,, Urban FM, CIO and PC World Albanian

To view the event closer look at the prepared gallery and recordings.

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