Prishtina Hackerspace

Prishtina Hackerspace is a co-working open experimentation space established exclusively for technological, educational, cultural and scientific purposes. Prishtina Hackerspace was initiated by FLOSSK members and operates within FLOSSK's umbrella as an NGO.

Wiki Loves Monuments photo competition running for the second year in Albania and Kosova

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest for monuments running this September, organized by Wikimedia globally, as well as FLOSSK in Kosovo and Open Labs Albania. Cultural heritage is an important part of the knowledge that Wikipedia collects and disseminates. Everybody can contribute images as well as write articles.

Wiki Loves Monuments - Shqiperi dhe Kosove

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest for monuments running this September, organized by Wikimedia globally, as well as in Kosovo and Albania organized by FLOSSK and Open Labs.

Mapping Public Facilities of Kosovo

Another project we have been working on is Mapping Public Kosovo Facilities, which has been supported by Unicef Innovations Lab. The main goal of this project was mapping all existing public facilities in Kosovo.While we went a long way towards achieving our goal, the lack of information was a hindrance.

OpenStreetMap - Kosova

We can say that Open Street Map is one of the main projects of our organization, and the most worked project of FLOSSK-ies which has generally began since the creation of FLOSSK.
This project has had great development in Kosovo too, where members of FLOSSK have not stopped their contribution to make a better map that today allot of people use it.

"OSM - krijoni harten tuaj" Handbook

OpenStreetMap had a fast development in Kosovo last two years, this was made possible from all young FLOSSK members.
Project “OpenStreetMap - Krijoni harten tuaj " began and was conducted by Besfort Guri - FLOSSK member.

Drupal project in FLOSSK

Despite that FLOSSK continues promoting this Open Source CMS (Content Management System), among the main issues is that FLOSSK is already using this CMS.

Drupal is an open source Content Management Platform (CMS) written in PHP, under Open GPL license used by millions of websites and applications in the world.

Mozilla Project in FLOSSK

Mozilla is also one of the main projects that FLOSSK members are giving their contribution on promoting Mozilla and its community, spreading its products and translating them, so that people can feel more comfortable on the Internet.

Fedora Project in FLOSSK

The Fedora Project is a partnership of community members of Free and Open Source Software from around the world. The Fedora Project builds communities of Free and Open Source Software and produces an operating system based on GNU / Linux, called Fedora.

Wikipedia and Wikimedia

Wikimedia and Wikipedia are also one of the main projects of FLOSS Kosova, through which we try to promote and distribute open education in Kosovo
FLOSSK members also regularly continue editing Wikipedia.

Localization - Translations

Localization of software has been an objective of our organization since the beginning, thinking that free software can not be promoted without first being translated and localized in Albanian language.
FLOSSK members regularly translate on their free time.

OLPC Project

OLPC project has been present since the beginnings of this organization, when our members continued to promote this educational project starting from various presentations in educational institutions and along to the annual Conference “Software Freedom Kosova”organized by FLOSSK.

Kumevotu - Polling Station Project

FLOSSK with the financial support of UNICEF Innovations Lab on 12.December.2010 finished the Polling Station project for the Parliamentary Elections of 2010 in Kosovo.

The project aimed making it as easy as possible for people, especially for the younger generation, to find their dedicated polling station, through the created website

Mapping Brod - Joachim Bergerhoff

On February 10, 2010, FLOSSK held a meeting with Joachim Bergerhoff where he explained to us that UN-HABITAT had a project on mapping Brod, a small village in the Sharr Mountains that is facing serious environmental damage. FLOSSK helped mapping Brod on OpenStreetMap.

Watch the beautiful pictures during this mapping project of Brod, Kosovo nature: Click here
Here is the map from the project:

Linux Course

Around the world there are countless training providers for GNU / Linux,
there should be noted that this was pretty much supported also by FLOSSK, which has contributed on this with its capacities and its knowledge of Free and Open Source Software.