Mozilla Day in Gjakova

For the first time in Kosovo, on 16 October 2010 FLOSSK organized a Mozilla Day in the town of Gjakova, in the library "Ibrahim Rugova".
Discussions centered around Mozilla and its projects such as: Firefox and Thunderbird, SpreadFirefox, Mozilla Camp Reps, etc

GIS Training Invitation from Joachim Bergerhoff

On 2nd October 2010, FLOSSK members were invited by Joachim Bergerhoff to be part of a introduction to OpenSource GIS(Geographic information system), where the training was offered by Benjamin Ducke Consulant to the FSLU(Further Support to Land Use) Programme in Kosovo.

SFD in Gjakova

FLOSSK Gjakova, the local team of FLOSSK, organized the Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2010 event on September 18  in the town of Gjakova . The purpose of this event in Gjakova was the promotion of Free and Open Source Software in general and GNU/Linux in particular. At the same time, the activity aimed to increase the local FLOSS community which will commit to free software and open source.

Software Freedom Day today is a global event with a voluntary organization supporting it.

FLOSS Camp in Shëngjin

On 17-18 July in Shëngjin, Albania, FLOSSK dhe FLOSSAL organized  a FLOSS Camp.
Many people attended the event, members of FLOSS Kosovo and Albania and other fans of free software. Our local friends ensured free wireless to all attendees at the event at such a remote location.


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