Workshop-Introduction in Drupal @InnovationsLab (Janez Urevc)

Janez is a Drupal developer from Slovenia, EU. He really loves things he does, which means every day is the best day of his life (almost:)). He's been dedicated to open source since high school. He has graduated in software development on Faculty of computer and information sciences at University of Ljubljana (June 2012). The topic of his bachelor thesis was implementation of Scrum methodology in a web development department of a bigger media company.

Workshop-Hacking education (Prof.Dr.Frederik Questier) @InnovationsLab

In this session we will discuss how to innovate education both on the pedagogical side as on the technological side. We will discuss initiatives such as Virtual Learning Environments, One Laptop Per Child, Virtual universities, Massive Open Online Courses.

The speaker is professor in educational technologies, with a passion for Digital Freedoms (see his talk on the 8th of September) and educational innovation.

Workshop-Free your Android (Eric Albers) @InnovationsLab

Android is a mostly free operating system mainly developed by Google.Unfortunately, the drivers for most devices and most applications from the "market" are not free as in Free Software. They frequently work against the interest of the users, spy on them and sometimes can not even be removed.This workshop will help you to run your Android system as free as possible and - by doing this - to regain control of your Android device and your data. You will no longer be in need of a Google account and you can use f-droid, a free software App repository, instead.For further background information about Android and how to liberate your device, please have a look at FSFE's FreeYourAndroid campaign [1]

Linux and Open Source Digital Boot Camp at Innovations Labs Kosovo

Learn about Linux and Free/Libre Open Source Software directly from James Michael DuPont supported by the team.
Innovations Labs Kosovo is sponsoring and hosting a hands on training from Sept 4-6 at the labs. Time was from 16:00 to 1900.
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