Finally using free software

I started using Windows a long time ago (since I was 7 years old, which explains why), and i liked it! Well I didn't know anything about softwares or even computers.

How I do web development on Ubuntu

This is a short blog from me, describing how I do web development on Ubuntu.

0. Ubuntu 12.14 . 
1. Blufish 2 - Perfect for PHP/HTML/CSS
2. The Mighty GIMP - It is perfect for a Web Developer when you have a casual editing ( I don't know for a Web Designer ). It can read PSD files too...

How you can do something for flossk ?

Here is a short versoin of things you can do to help flossk.

  1. Join the website and blog about flossk topics. 
  2. Help translate to Albanian
  3. Promote flossk events and projects on social media, create videos and social buzz about flossk topics....

Andrew Betts on Software Freedom Kosova 2012

A very good blogpost from Andrew Betts on Software Freedom Kosova 2012, thank you !


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